Thursday, October 10, 2013


Las Bas UMKC?
You're doing fine UMKC?

       I have now been in Morocco for six weeks, two weeks away from the semester half-point. The time here passes quickly, but not in the same way it passes in the United States, it is not that anxious, over-zealous, stressful lifestyle. Time passes by quickly here because people actually LIVE LIFE! There is no concept of time, time in Morocco is just an illusion. 
      Living in Morocco has already taught me life is about balance. Americans really struggle with the concepts of happiness because we do not understand how to balance our lives. Moroccans are still able to achieve the same lifestyle, without the fast-pace lifestyle. I am learning, it is okay to relax, to take my time, what is the rush about life? Nothing, just enjoy the ride to the destination, not the thought about reaching the destination. 
     When taking lunch people can leave for anywhere from one to four hours. There are breaks between classes where students and teachers enjoy the cafe on campus. There is fresh mint tea and coffee everywhere. There is never a time limit, when the conversation ends is when it's time to head back to class. Students lounge around underneath the palm trees, scrambling to hide from the blazing sun. Students here are so eager to learn for the enjoyment of learning, not the aspects of the what employment they will receive or what piece of paper they will receive to prove their attendance, but what difference they can make with their passion. 
      Enjoying their lunches and family time. Family is the most important things here and when people call you there friend, they really mean a lifelong friend. There is no rush to get to know anyone, it is the little details in life I am learning to enjoy. Walking around, people watching, eating, and laughing is the most joyous things Morocco has taught me to continue when I go back home to the United States. 
     I realize it is humility that brings joy, sharing what you have with the world. It was definitely an adjustment. I am a VERY uptight, goal oriented person. My transition was more difficult for me than for most of my peers. I was so ready to conquer the world, now I am realizing, it's not about being first, it's not about being the best, IT IS ABOUT what kind of impact you can make on others and on yourself. You can still be successful if others around you are successful, it is about helping each other reach goals. I constantly see people going out their way to create a community. Life is taken WAY too seriously in America. We need to take some notes from our African Neighbors, everything is going to be okay, all good things have perfect timing.
     I know what some of you might be thinking and yes, it can be annoying standing in line at the Mar Jane (Moroccan Wal-Mart) for thirty minutes because the cashier does not rush when ringing up all his customers. These are the precious moments in life when you realize, we are all human. That genuine smile does not seem like a marketing tactic, but a contagious greeting of happiness. 

Enjoy the wait at the grocery line, not on your iPhone, but talking to your neighbor. Who knows?! You just might get a great recipe for Cous-cous. 

It is the simple things in life we remember. 

Maa' Selma ma'
Go with peace,

Ida Ayalew

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  1. This is Beautiful! I'm glad you're having such an amazing time there and learning so much! My little Ida is turning into such a young lady!! :D