Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hamburg and Visiting an old Friend

From Gdansk, Poland I traveled by plane to Hamburg, Germany. I had been to Germany before in 2010, but this was my first time in Germany without snow! The metropolitan city was very nice compared to my visits to the little villages of my old exchange students. Hamburg has historically been a great port, trade zone, and major place for international and internal commerce since the 9th century. My visit to Hamburg included a tour of their beautiful Town Hall, frequenting their city centre, checking out the expansive miniature museum, exploring the massive center train station and tasting delicious German food and beer.

While in Hamburg I met up with an old exchange student who stayed at my home in 2006. Our first meeting in seven years was a happy one and also greatly past due. We had so much catching up to do as we had both grown up and moved on so much since our last meeting. The greatest thing about having exchange students in high school (family has host five) is that when returning to Europe whether you have a place to stay or just someone to meet for dinner, you're never completely an outsider when you have local friends!

Here are some photos from my brief four day stay in Hamburg.

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