Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving in Spain

Well, having Thanksgiving dinner in Spain was definitely something that I will remember! I didn't eat at my home stay because ISA Granada treated all of us to dinner at a really nice hotel. They had an entire room set up very nicely for us and they served us so many courses! We had cheese with nuts, a guacamole/sun dried tomatoes/ goat cheese appetizer, fried zucchinis, soup, and then turkey topped with stuffing and some potatoes. It definitely wasn't an average Thanksgiving from the United States but it was interesting to see their take on it! None of the dishes before the main course were traditional to our holiday but they were all very delicious. The turkey was a bit strange because it was topped with a spicy/sweet cranberry sauce and the potatoes were baked. We also had a pumpkin desert, although I'm still not quite sure what it was... The overall experience was great, however. It was great to celebrate with my new friends and family and be served great food! Our ISA directors also put together a video for us and thanked us for a great semester. It got a bit emotional! It's easy to tell that things are starting to wind down, but I still have about a month left!

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