Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Heidelberg, Germany

The last week in October I had a full week off for fall break! My boyfriend and I went back to Heidelberg, Germany to visit my family. We stayed with my grandparents, who live in a very small town just outside of Heidelberg. The train ride was little over five hours long with the TGV, France's high speed train. This specific train route from Marseille, France to Frankfurt, Germany was just opened this past spring, making it easier for Germans and the French to travel between the two countries and making it easier for me to travel from Lyon back to Heidelberg.  
The weather was quite a bit colder than it had been in Lyon and over the next two days it even snowed. We stayed in and relaxed with my grandparents and didn't do much other than play cards, take walks in the woods and catch up on sleep. That following Monday I took Alec to see Heidelberg for the day!  Wednesday night we went to a Halloween party that some of my close friends were hosting. Halloween has become more and more popular in Germany over the last four or five years and my grandparents even had trick-or-treaters this year! 
 Later that week we took time to visit my other family members in Mannheim. That Friday we looked around Mannheim for the day with my cousin and her kids. That evening we took the train back to my grandparents home to spend the last two days with them. By the time it came to leave, Alec had stocked up on Haribo gummibears and I was definitely not ready to leave my grandparents, especially after they had spoiled us with great dinners and plenty of sweets!

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