Thursday, September 5, 2013

Selam Alykum! Alykum Selam!
Peace be unto you, and unto you.

My name is Ida Ethiopia Ayalew, I will introduce myself as I will be blogging for my one year abroad. I attend, University of Missouri-Kansas City, located right in the heart of Kansas City. This year is my sophomore year, I will be double-majoring (as of right now) in Biology and History (an emphasis in East African Culture).

I am currently studying abroad in Meknes, Morocco. I am here with the International Studies Abroad program, otherwise known as ISA. This academic year I will be attending Moulay Ismail University, which landmarks one of the four imperial cities in Morocco.

Before I begin blogging about my journey in Morocco, I want to tell you WHY I choose Morocco to study. Why Morocco was the right choice for me. Much of my study abroad was influenced by my older sister, she had gone abroad to study in Hasselt, Belgium for one year and her experiences abroad really influenced me to step outside of my comfort zone. Soon after school started in fall of 2012, I began to see flyers about studying abroad, I went to the informational meetings and soon I was on my way to immersing myself in French Magazines, movies, and culture. I soon came to the realization, if I went to France, I would be receiving much of what I encompass at UMKC, Kansas City, Missouri, or the United States. Same Westernized mentality, progressiveness, and government.  I choose Morocco soon after my study abroad advisor had told me about how I could really immerse myself in my temporary environment, how I could have much more to offer and receive studying in an environment which is so different than my own. For those of you who do not know where Morocco is located, it is one of the many North West African countries, right underneath Spain. I choose to study abroad here because it is a country caught between; African, Arab, and European influence. Somewhere where I can learn more about Arab culture, Arabic language, and Islamic religion.

I have been in Morocco for six days and I love it already! Now that I am finished with my introduction I will *mostly* write my blogs about my experiences in Morocco! Keep in Touch UMKC, enjoy this semester, and email me with any questions about me or how to get YOUR study abroad started!

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