Friday, March 22, 2013

Stockholm, Sweden

Gamla Stan

Vasa Museet

Prinsesstårta and Semla

Stockholm's T-Centralen Metro Station

 Stockholm is beautiful! Last week I had a chance to visit Stockholm and over the few days I was there, I enjoyed a culture which is very different from the one in Lyon, France. Even though the weather was still in the 30s, the sun was out every day! I visited the Historiska Museum, which had a great exhibit on the Viking Era of Sweden. There is also the famous Vasa Museum, which is dedicated to the Vasa Ship. The ship sank on its maiden voyage in Stockholm's harbor in the 1600s and wasn't excavated until the 1960s. Gamla Stan(Old town), of course, was lined with tourist shops just like in any other European city. They sold traditional Sami clothing and other Scandinavian souvenirs.
While France has great pastries, I must say that I like Sweden's pastries and desserts much better. Kanelbullar (cinnamon rolls),  Prinsesstårta (Princess Cake), and Semla (cake of light wheat bread with a sweet filling of almond paste and cream) are just some of Sweden's famous desserts which I had multiple times while there! They are usually eaten during Fika (coffee break) and Swedes love Fika!
Not only were the people extremely nice, but every one of them speaks close to perfect english! It is really amazing :) Of course there were plenty of blondes and the average height there for men and women seemed to be a lot taller than in Lyon. The Metro system is very large and many of the stations are known for being like little art exhibits. Several stations are themed and extremely colorful! ...
I can't wait to visit Sweden again. By far my favorite place I have traveled to this year!

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