Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Heart of Granada: La Alhambra

This past week I was afforded the opportunity to visit La Alhambra. La Alhambra is a very old Muslim stronghold that was taken over by the Christians several hundred years ago. La Alhambra has been recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO and I can understand why! It is absolutely fabulous. We went on a three hour tour of it because it is so big! There is a giant garden that is gorgeous and a palace area and many places in between. The architecture is absolutely outstanding, the attention to detail is very impressive. I love how old architecture pays so much attention to all of the little things unlike modern architecture which is mostly just cement and dry wall. There were also breathtaking views of the city of Granada as well which I adored. That was probably my favorite part. Another cool thing I really liked were the fountains that were connected throughout one of the main plazas. This plaza had a lion fountain in the middle of it and there were surrounding rooms that were connected to the plaza and there were paths on the floor leading from the main fountain to the smaller ones in the surrounding rooms. I had never seen anything like that before so it was very cool.
Besides visiting La Alhambra I haven't done too much sight seeing because I have been preparing for my big exam on Monday. Life here is pretty easy and fun! I've been enjoying taking walks around the city and going out for tapas with my friends. I miss home a little but being here is worth it!


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