Monday, September 17, 2012

First month in Lyon, France

--view of the 2nd Arrondissement  from the Fourviere Basilica--

       My first month in Lyon has been a mixture of stress and excitement. While I have had time to enjoy and explore the beautiful city of Lyon, located between Paris and Marseille, I have also been extremely busy preparing for school, filling out and turning in immigration forms, additional health insurance, civil liability and lodging insurance, getting situated in a studio apartment through the university (which needed cleaning), buying food, cooking supplies etc., figuring out the many ways to travel around the city (streetcar, subway, bus), and of course paying for all of the above.
      It has been interesting and a bit overwhelming, to say the least, but I wouldn't give up this year abroad for anything! Everything from the delicious eclairs and millefeuilles, to the beautiful sites such as the Fourviere Basilica and the food markets on Sundays make all the stress and extra work worth it.

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