Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hello again from South Korea~

Hi everyone!!
I have been in Korea for two months now.

How I am feeling at this exact moment:
-Accomplished: So far, my semester is great, now that I have finished all of my midterms.
Speaking of midterms... The week before midterms is the worst. Everyone that you may possibly know will be studying in the library. I know, I should be studying at the library with them as well. However, one thing you should know around midterms or finals in an Asian country is DO NOT expect to find a place to study in the library; it will be completely full on every floor. Also, never expect to hangout with anyone that whole week. Korean students will be too stressed and focused on studying.
Note: There may be a handful of people who would just want to party instead of studying... DO NOT be tempted to go anywhere with them. When the time comes to taking your exams, it will come back to bite you if you slack off on studying.

-Missing home: After the first month of being in Korea, I thought I would never miss the U.S. but, I was wrong. I am missing my family, friends, and the food!
 You cannot believe the trouble I went through to find pizza made like Papa John's. The Korean-style pizza has super thin bread and tastes very healthy. Well.. who doesn't want healthy pizza...? Not me, I enjoy a well-portioned meat-and-veggies supreme pizza!
This is a Korean-style pizza at Pizza Hut

Also, if you love eating pasta, good luck finding a place that will have actual pasta noodles (penne, rotini, macaroni, etc.). A lots of restaurants and cafeterias on campus have pasta... however, it is made with long spaghetti noodles.

Spicy Chicken Pasta (Notice it has spaghetti noodles..)
*A big food tip for being in Korea: Most Korean food are spicy!!! So, if you do not enjoy killing your taste buds, Korea is a bad place to eat. Oh but fear not, some places will have food that is not so spicy, so ask first. Personally, I like spicy food, but sometimes I cannot handle the spicy levels of Korean food, even the soups (which most meals will come with).
Also, they do not have much salty food, which I like. So, if you like to add salt to your food, you cannot do that in Korea unless you are cooking your own meals. 
Overall, I enjoy eating Korean food almost every day, but from time to time I miss the food I eat in America.

-Excited for the new adventures: I have experienced so many events and places these past two months.
I have been to:
--A traditional Korean palace
--National Museum of Korea
--Han River
--Cherry Blossom festival
--Many shopping districts (Still more to see)
--Thai festival
--I got a massage for the first time (by the way, it was very painful and relaxing at the same time)
--Participated in the Lotus festival parade for Buddha's Birthday (holding lit lotus lanterns) all through Seoul.
Seijin Kwon and I at the Lotus Festival
There are still a lot to experience during my semester here in Korea. I am looking forward to sharing more of my adventures~

Ting Ngov

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