Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Actividades de Seis Semanas

Hola Todos!

I´m so excited to be able share my experience with you all on this blog. Unfortunately, I´ve had a bit of an issue with internet connection for a while, so I haven´t been able to post as often I would like. I´ve missed good amount of time, but I´ll jump right in and share as much as I can!

I´ve been in Barcelona for six weeks now and I love it! We've seen so much, both with ISA and on our own.

On the very first day of the program, I met my family.  I was a bit overwhelmed with the fact that my host family doesn't speak any English, but they were extremely welcoming.  My host mother's name is Pepita and the father´s name is Juan. They are an older retired couple that live in a nice apartment in Grácia. I met Juan first and he showed me back to the apartment where I then met Pepita who helped me unpack and cooked me lunch. Later that night, I met my roommate, Haleigh, from Colorado. She´s very nice and, luckily, very good in Spanish. I never reaized how much I needed to improve my Spanish until I got here!

For the next couple of days we visited a lot on placed on an ISA tour bus. One of the first places we visited on an ISA tour bus was a mountain where you can see the entire city of Catalonia! We then rode the bus to the beach and took some beautiful pictures of the sunset.
Image  Image
ImageThat same week we visited the Gothic Area, The Cathedral, and The Segrada Familia.
The Segrada Famila is a beautiful church with so much history and such detailed architecture that  it´s not expected to be finished until 2026. Gaudí´s plan is breathtaking from the moment you walk in and all throughout the church!

When classes started, our time to explore the city became much more limited. We don´t have classes on Friday so this gives us a good weekend to go traveling. Of course we needed to become accustomed to the city first, but after two weekends in Barcelona, I chose to go to Morocco, Africa to vist my friend Ida. We visited Fez and the Medina, Casablanca, and spent the last nights in Meknes where she is also studying abroad with ISA!

During the weekends after that we traveled to couple cities in Spain with ISA. First we visited Gerona, a city about two hours north of Barcelona. This was such a beautiful mid-eval town. It was very quaint with a lovely scenery, nice stores, and friendly people. We also just visited Valencia, a city about four hours south of Barcelona. We chose to go at the right time because even though we´re in Barcelona´s winter season, it was 80 degrees there. Perfect weather for the beach. Along with the beach, we went the the Valencia Aquarium; the biggest aquarium in Europe!  

This is only a gist of the many things that have occurred over the course of these six weeks, but I have plenty more to go and I can´t wait to keep you all updated.

Hasta Luego!

Gabriell Smith

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