Friday, February 1, 2013

Winter Break!

After a long 5 week winter break, second semester has finally started! I had a wonderful Christmas with my family in Heidelberg and New Years Eve was a blast as well! I spent part of my Christmas vacation with my grandparents in Germany and visiting the rest of my family. I was back in Lyon just in time for New Years Eve and to celebrate my 21st birthday a few days later!

Second semester started last week and I decided to enroll in the direct courses at the University of Lyon II.  Last semester I was in the CIEF, a language program offered by the university, but I knew I wanted to try and take direct courses in my major this semester. I am taking political science courses and so far everything is going well. I am in all large lecture classes and the one thing that has been extremely difficult is trying to take notes in class when most of the 300 students are talking for the entire 1hour and 45 minutes of the class! Hopefully it won't be like that the entire semester.

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